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Time www.upa.co.kr www.timeasia.com

Yahoo Finance https://finance.yahoo.com

þ http://ru.reuters.com


100 (1,000, 1,000)  1,000 US $ (1 thousand US $s) Hamilton

1,000 (10,000)  10,000 US $ (10 thousand US $s)

1 (100,000) 100,000 US $ (1 hundred thousand US $s)

10 (1,000,000, 100)  1,000,000 US $ (1 million US $s) MRI

100  10,000,000 US $ (10 million US $s)

1,000 (1)  100,000,000 US $ (1 hundred million US $s)

1 (1,000,000,000 10) 1,000,000,000 US $ (1 billion US $s) SNUH Annual Budget

2008 SNUH (Main + Bundang + Gangnam) Employee 7,000 (Dr. 1,700), 1,056 beds



Ͻ ȸȭ (Howard Kim, )

 0: zero, oh, nought

l  0.008: zero point zero zoro eight

l  room 1109: room eleven oh nine


l  a couple of: 2~3

l  scores of, dozens of:

l  hundreds of:

l  thousands of: õ

l  tens of thousands of:

l  millions of:

, 1δ: each, for

l  25 $ each: 25޷

l  400 won each, or 3 for 1,000 won: 1 400, 3 õ

per, a: ~ , ~

l  per hour: ð

l  per head: δ

l  2,500 $ a month: ޿ 2,500޷


1/10 = [Ϲ] one tenth, [] a tenth, 1 in 10 people [10]



5,000: around 50 million won




<2010. 9. 1>

Writing> September 1st, 2010

Speaking> September (the) first, twenty ten / ̱ ¥ , the .


<2010. 9. 1. >

Writing> Monday, Sep 1, 2010.


<, ⵵ տ ġ in>

I was born In September. 9 ¾ϴ.

<ü ¥ ġ on>

My birthday is on August fifth. 8 5Դϴ.


<> 10 , 2000 2009 ʰ д ũ.

1984 nineteen eighty-four

2000 two thousand

      twenty hundred

2013 two thousand thirteen

      twenty thirteen




<, English>

* ,   - How much ~

How much is it?  How much does it cost? Դϱ? How much is this melon? ?

How much do I owe you? Դϱ?

What do you want for it? Դϱ?

What's the price? Դϱ?

What's your rate? Դϱ?

What's the charge? Դϱ?

How much is the fare? () Դϱ?

How much does that come to altogether? Դϱ?

How much will it be with tax? ݱ Դϱ?


* Ϸ翡 ...?

What's the charge per day? Ϸ翡 Դϱ?

How much per day? Ϸ翡 Դϱ?

What is the rate for a room per night? Ϸ 氪 Դϱ?


* ϴ

It's 60,000 (sixty thousand) won. 6 Դϴ.

It's just 250 (two hundred fifty) won. 250Դϴ.

The total is 5,000 won. Ѿ 5,000Դϴ.


* δ

Let's split the bill. δսô.

Let's go fifty-fifty on the bill. ݹݾ δսô.

Let's go Dutch. ϵ սô.

How much is mine? ?




3Ǵ3λ / ѽ δ / αȭ

ȭ ȭ ʰ Ǽ ߾.

ʸ ϰٱ ̳ ŭ ٴ .

ٶ ȭ ں Ǭ ʰ ȭ ξ.

ٶ ȭ û ܾ .


I must recommend an increase in your Capital investment! ( ȸ ں ھ Ű Ѵ!)


You wont be able to meet the demand, unless we expand production now! (, ø ʴ 信 Դϴ.)


It is clear that the factory will have to expand if it is to remain an economic unit! ( ϳ ݵ Ȯ ʿ䰡 ֽϴ.)


But, ѷ is playing a dangerous game of chicken! (ѷ ϰ ֽϴ.)


Its not even close! ( ϴ.)


Can I take a rain check? ( ̷ ڼ?)


We are all set! (츮 غƼ.)


Takes two to tango.(ջ ľ Ҹ ؾ ɰ ƴմϱ?)


So, hows it going? (׷  ư ֽϱ?)


Sure, everythings just fine. ( Ӽ.)





- Song -

Look at me.

It's as if I play a part.

Who is that girl I see.

Staring straight back at me.

When will my reflection show

That must be free to fly.

Why must we all conceal.

I'm forced to hide.

Who I am inside.




Nixon in China (߱ н)

What legacy shall we leave our children?

Are they destined to die for the hatreds which have plagued the old world, or are they destined to live because we had the vision to build a new world?

There is no reason for us to be enemies

Chairman Mao has written, So many deeds cry out to be done, and always urgently. The world rolls on. Time passes. Ten thousand years are too long. Seize the day, seize the hour.

This is the hour. This is the day for our two peoples to rise to the heights of greatness which can build a new and a better world.


߱ ̱ ̺ ͼ ǹ踦 ߰, 20 ѹݵ ο () , ȸ Ǵ America the Beautiful , Washington , Nixon õ οϿ ̱ ܱå ǥ ߱ ڵ տ õν ȴ ̴.





1. manners

Let me give you some pointers about office manners.

You seem to be the only one who doesn't say "Good morning" when you come to work in the morning.


2. coffee break ʹ

Mr. Johnson, you are letting your coffee break interfere with business.

A coffee break is supposed to help you get a brief break.

You must not abuse it.


3. ڸ

Often you are away from your office and no one knows where you are.

You should tell your people where you will be and what time you'll return to the office.


4. mistake ϴ

It's not the first time I've mentioned this to you.

I won't mind people making mistakes, if only they don't make the same mistakes again.


5. ȣǰ

Obviously, you don't realize the seriousness of your poor conduct.







salmon /not but ظ/  ҽ : South Whales.


Shopping: not but


Pork /PÉ, / vs. Fork /fÉ, ũ/


work /ũ/ ߰ &   cf. workshop

walk /ũ/ l , cf. walkman

woke / & ߰/. Wake (Ͼ) woke woke


hip <۸>     butt //      cf.  but //, pretty butt


Asia /eizia/


Thats a rip off.  /ri po f/    ٰ.


I know what you mean. //   ˾.


Would you //

Could you //






01 λ Ұ

˰ ;ϴ.

Ive been looking forward to meeting you.



I havent seen you for a long time (= for ages).


 輼?

How have you been?


, Ұ ϰڽϴ.

First of all, let me introduce myself.



Its been very nice meeting you.



Ive got to go now.

- have got to (= have to) ~ ؾ Ѵ.


ٽ ƾ մϴ.

Come and see me one of these days.

-          get together ̴, . Cf. get-together , ģȸ

-          one of these days ѹ


ű⿡ ϴ ȭ ּ.

Phone me as soon as you get there.

Call me as soon as you get there.


ȸ ־ մϴ.

Thank you for giving an opportunity.



<Dialogue 1>

A)  Its nice to see you again. ٽ ݰϴ.

B) Its been a long time, hasnt it? ?

A) I should say so. How have you been lately? ׷ ƿ.  ̽ϱ?

B) Ive been quite well, thank you. How about yourself? п ½ϴ. ?

-          lately ֱٿ

-          should ǹ̷ .



<Dialogue 2>

A)    Mr. Parker, have you ever met Mr. Kim? Ŀ , ̽ ϰ λ ?

B)    No, not yet. ƴ, ߾.

A)    Why dont you meet each other now, then? ׷ λϽ ׷?

Mr. Parker, this is Mr. Kim. Ŀ , ̽ Դϴ.

Mr. Kim, this is Mr. Parker.  ̽ , ̺ Ŀ Դϴ.

-          meet Ұ ޾ ƴ ̰ Ǵ

-          ever (1) ݱ, (2) (3) ü

-          why dont you  ~ ~ ϴ 

-          ģ ߿ ҰѴ.



<п ô>

Lets get down business.







[2008-06-07] Hotel English



reservation under (: my name or company name)


() Well ~


ȣ Ѿ 

1230: twelve thirty

130: one thirty

219: two nineteen

          Cf. () one thirty: 1$ 30 cents ǹ


꼭 ̻ : but its on the bill.


Not notebook but laptop


ǰ : deposit box (valuables) room ȿ ִ.


Im locked (out)

I locked myself out.

I left my key inside my room.


: A/C (air conditioner)

turn on/off


Room service 3 pm . ( Ѽ ġϴ ͵ )


Extend: ð/



Collect call: δ ȭ

Overseas call: ȭ

disconnected: .

(phone) call


911 (̱) vs. 119 (ѱ)

411 (̱) vs. 114 (ѱ)


book: (ַ ȣڸ) ϴ.

for whole week

for entire week

for this weekend


ġ: headache: Ÿ̷? ƽǸ, advil.




[2008-06-17] Restaurant

The grace on the other side looks greener.

No, Im just saying.


You should give me the recipe for this later. (丮 ſ Ī )


I dont care for egg yolk. ()


I have a allergic to peanuts.

He has a allergic to peanuts.


I have a sweet tooth.




[2008-07-06] װ

պ : round trip


Please fill out this form and hand it in with a photo.

          fill out: ( ) ۼϴ.

          hand in ϴ.


How many bags do you have? ĥ ڸ ϸ ȴ.

How many luggage / baggage do you have?


Its overweight. You need to pay overcharge. Its 5,000 won per 1kg. ( ԰ ʰǾ ž ϰڽϴ. 1 ų 5,000 Դϴ.)


We usually overlook plus 10 kg, but you should pay for the rest. (10 ųα 帮, Դ ž մϴ.)

          overlook: Ѱܺ, ϴ.


Where would you like to sit? Ǵ Window or aisle [̾]?


ȣ ¼: seating preference

Do you have a seating preference?


Do you have any of following items? no! Ƹ Ʈ ٵ. ׷ ؼ ǰ û ƿ.


Has anyone asked you to carry any item for him? no! ׷ ׷ .


How long are you staying for?

          1 week,

          1 month,


What are you doing here?

          Visiting friends, studying, tour, backpacking,

        I am here to attend a conference.

        Its business.

        For sightseeing.


Anything to declare? (ŰϽ ֽϱ?)


Where are you staying? xx hotel,

          ū ȣ ȣ ̸ ϸ ģ̶ ׸ ȣڿ 쿣 ּҸ ָ ȴ.


Boarding time. Vs. Departure Time.


Not boarding ticket but boarding pass.


Itinerary vs. conformation #


Ill confirm your reservation. Ȯ ص帮ڽϴ.


Youre going to Beijing, aret you? / correct? / right? (ϰ ô ½ϱ?)


Your ticket is not reserved. ȵǾ ó׿.

Would you like to check again?


Your passport is worn out. ұ.

It doesnt matter when you leave, but it might be a problem when you arrive. I just want to let you know.


Im sorry. You cant leave today. .


Youre not on the list. When would you like to make a reservation? Ǿ ־ ϳ ٽ 帱?


Youre not on a waiting list. Your reservation is canceled, because it passed its reconfirm date. Im sorry you should make a reservation again. ( ܿ մ ϴ. Ǿ׿. Ȯ ׷ϴ. ƽ, ٽ ϼž ڳ׿.)


Let me know your birthday. ( ּ.)


Would you page Mr. Enderson for me? (ش ҷ ֽðڽϱ?)


Can you find a reasonable hotel? ( ȣ ֽðڽϱ?)


Id like to reserve a room for tonight. ( 㿡 ϰ ͽϴ.)


When is the next hotel bus? ( ȣ ֽϱ?) cf. limousine – ¥ ϸ ſ ſ δ.


B&B: bed and breakfast – ħĻ縦 ϴ ȣ̳ Ϲ ϸ ٿ B&B Ѵ. ÿ ִ.


ֽ ?

Is there a discount?

Can you give me a discount?


Receipt () vs. refund (ȯ) – ̱ ϰ κ ȯ ϴ.


Can I pay with (not by) credit card / cash / ?


ܰ մ: steady customer



l  Would you ?

l  Could you ?

l  Can you ý Ÿ

л ð ߿ Բ ȭǿ ?

- May (not Can) I go to bathroom?


(ٰ) ? Where is this place?





[self feedback ]

ī ¼ ϰ ͽϴ. Id like to reserve a seat for a flight to Chicago.


When would you like to leave? On July 25. vs. 25 of July.


û  ϳ. How do I apply for a visa.

ϰ ͽϴ. Id like to apply for a visa extension.

          () ϴ extend

          () ϴ expand

15 ̳ ü Ŷ ڴ ʿ ϴ.

There is no need for a visa if youre going to stay for less than 15 days.

Visa in not required if youre staying for less than 15 days.

ڰ εǾϴ. Your visa has been approved.

Ͽ ڸ ãư. Please pick up your visa next Wednesday.


When will your passport expire? ?

1Ⱓ ȿմϴ. The passport is good for a year.


亯 ֽðڽϱ? Would you mind answering a few questions?

ϴ. No, I dont mind.


* carry on bag (25 kg), portable bag vs. overloaded.

* 10 pound = 5 kg.


Expiration day. () .


 ϰ ʴϱ? What type of business are you in now?


When and where were you born? ¾ϱ?


з¿ ֽðھ? Could you tell me something about your educational background?




Short English [2008-07-12]

Admission free.

Bargain sale day. Ư

Bargain special            Ưǰ

Beware of fire.

Beware of pickpockets. ǰ .

Beware of the dog.

Business hours. ð.

Catalog offered free. īŻα


Closed temporarily ӽ ޾

Closed to all vehicles.

Closed today. ޾


Detour /tu/ ȸϽÿ.

Entrance Ա

Exit, Way out

Fare forward.

Fire alarm. ȭ 溸

Fire escape (ǹ & ) vs. Emergency exit. (dz)

Fire hydrant. ȭ

Fit for drinking

For sale. Ź / ˴ϴ.

Fragile Handle with care.

Go slow          

Guard against damp   

Hands off մ ÿ

Information ȳ

In operation ۾ ( )

Inquiry ,

Instruction given in English ־.  .

Interview declined ȸ

Keep dry

Keep off the grass ܵ  ÿ. ( . ѱ )

Keep out [off]

Keep out from drivers seat

Keep to the right / Ÿÿ

No admittance except (people) on business ()

No consultation today.

No crossing Ⱦ

No dumping ⸦ ÿ

No parking

No spitting ħ ÿ

Not for sale ǰ

Road closed

Not in use , ȭ .

No transfer Ÿ

No trespassing / Dead end

No turn ȸ

No upside down Ųٷ ÿ.

No U-turn U

No vacancy (ȣ̳ Ա ǥõǾ )

No visitors allowed.

Now in session ȸ

Off limits

One way only, One side only. Ϲ

On limits

Opened today

Open to public

Out of order

Parking area.

Cross walk Ⱦ cf. Pedestrians crossing

Please remove your hats. ÿ.

Post no bills. ÿ.

Premiums offered. ǰ

Private ( ̳ )

Private lessons given

Public telephone ȭ cf. phone booth

Receptionist (ó) Room for standing only ¼

Safety zone

School, go slow. б . Ͻÿ.

Shut the door after you. , ÿ.

Side entrance. ̿Ͻÿ.

Sold. ȸ / ̹ ȷ.

Sound horn ︮ÿ.

Speed limit: 40 kph   ӵ : ü 40 ųι

Staying open ߰ , 㿡 ٿ ִ

Stop, curve ahead. , Ŀ

Stop line

The train crew only ¹ ̿

Toilet ȭ / Lavatory ȭ / W. C (Water Crossing, Ӽ White Color only) / Rest Room ȭ / Bathroom (̱) vs. Washing Room (ij)

Under construction

Under repairs

Warning: high voltage. :

Watch your step. Ͻÿ.

Welcome to all visitors. ȯ

Welcome to beginners. ʽ ȯ

Year-end sale

Wet [Fresh] paint Ʈ ( Ӱ ĥ )



丶 ֱ 丶    ketchup!

Sushi A sushi B    wasap, b!




Konglish [2008-07-12]

̷              side mirror / rear-view mirror

Ǽ                 accelerator

ī              auto repair shop / mechanic shop / auto body shop

Ž              mass media / mass communication

                 pen / ball-point pen

                 contact lenses / contacts

(Ŭ)      finess center, fitness club, gym, health club

(Ŀǿ Ÿ )        cream

(%)           percent / percentage

īڶ          sponge cake

ֵ              hotdog ( ̿ ִ ) -> corndog (츮󿡼 Դ (?)ִ ֵ)

ȭƮ              white -> white-out

              underline pen -> highlighter

CF (X) -> commercial, TV ad.

AS (X)       repair shop,   cf. warranty

Ŀ              brand

ٹٸ Ʈ (Burberry Ǫ) -> trench coat

ڵ       window tinting

              leather jacket

(jumper)  jacket

ڵ (Ŭ)     horn

ܼƮ              outlet / socket


ư̹ Į      Swiss army knife

ũ Ÿ̾  flat tire

ƸƮ       part-time job

Panty (ڿ) vs. underwear ( ) vs. boxer ()

Ʈ          hand out

ҹ / Һ         plastic bag,   cf. brown (paper) bag

÷ī          banner

ڵ              cell(ular) phone / mobile phone,    cf. - PDA

              remote control

              air conditioner / A/C

(A/S)      warrantee (service)

       discount (DC)

ŷƮ              actor / actress

Ŭ (Ƹ)   club


Ŵť          nail polish

Ƽ              nail polish remover


Ų              ̷ ܾ

۸           ۸


ͼ              blender

          (gas) stove

ڷ       microwave (oven)

˷          allergy

̼          dress shirt / white shirt

/ Ұ   blind date  vs.  date (˰ )

ũ              sunscreen lotion / sun block cream     vs.     tanning lotion / tanning oil

                 mechanical pencil


å                 notebook

Ʈ              laptop

Ʈ              apartment


Ȳ ð      prime time (o)  vs.  golden time (x)


(villa)       house, ϸ ̱ , ȣȭ

Ϻ /    pool   ( )

ĸ                 perm  cf. permanent ~

()      slow dancing

׸              comedian

Ʈ(ϴ)           vomit / puke / throw up

(¥)     free

                             ̰ ¥. This is on the house.

                                     ڰ ִ ̿. This is on the gentleman.

          business man / woman -> business person, business men.

hp ()      butt, // cf.  but //, pretty butt       , bottom

,      stereo (+ system) / audio system

ֹ,      oil ƴ϶ gas / gasoline

̴              7 up, sprite

ȭڽ    phone booth

ѷ극̵    inline skate

ĵ              desk lamp / lamp

̹          screw driver

򸮴              sweat suit or training suit

׽          sleeveless undershirts               cf. sleeveless shirt ()

              wake-up call []

̼          window shopping

          motorcycle, motorbike

ѹ/ȣ  jersey number []

                 signature / autograph,    () sign

(X, ο!)         You go !, We can do this! Lets go! Cheer up!

Ͽ콺       green house

߻                 beeper / pager

                                     cf. ۿ ã   page

ȣġŰ          stapler

                 business card / name card


۶          sun glasses

                                     cf. Ȱ  glasses

ݹ              shorts


cf. trousers (x) or


ȭ Ư ȿ           special effects


۸:         Are you boring?

ױ۸:         Are you bored?

ɽ? Ϸ Ʒ Ѵ.

ù ° ϱ. ǹ̴.


۸:         Have you eaten?

ױ۸:         How are you?

߱ Ļߴ λ縻̴. ԰ λ縻ΰ ʹ.

Ծ?ϸ ܼ λ簡 ƴ϶ ̳ ʴ밡 ƴѰ ȥȴ.


۸:         I have a promise.  -  ( ɰ), , ǥ.

ױ۸:         I promised to meet my friend.


۸:         I would like to make a banana shake. Do you have a mixer?

ױ۸:         I would like to make a banana shake. Do you have a blender?

mixer blender ū ̰ ִ.

а , Ǽ 忡 ϴ øƮ mixer ⱸ Ѵ.

׸ Ǵ ü ȭ ȥ blender Ѵ.


۸:         Did you read the plancard?

ױ۸:         Did you read the placard (Ȥ banner)?

Ǵ Խõ ǡ ׸ ٴϴ placard Ѵ.

ɷִ Ŀٶ banner Ѵ. ( ī塯 .)


۸:         Jane, can I borrow your one piece for tonights party?

ױ۸:         Jane, can I borrow your dress for tonights party?

ǽ ޶? Ƹ Ʒ پ ־ ̹Ƿ one piece ҷ .

δ dress ؾ Ǵ.

                       cf. dress (ġ) vs. skirts.

                       two pieces dress (x)

                       one piece dress (x)


۸:         My car handle is not working properly.

ױ۸:         My steering wheel is not working properly.

handle ܼ Ǵ ǹѴ.


۸:         Gentlemen and ladies.

ױ۸:         Ladies and gentlemen.


۸:         Excuse me, will you look for Mr. Jinu Lim? ( ã ޶ )

ױ۸:         Excuse me, will you page Mr. Jinu Lim? ( ã ޶ )

ã page.

Ȳ look for ϴ. look for ã ޶ ǹ̴.


۸:         Turn around!

ױ۸:         About face! (ڷ ) Left face! ( ) Right face! ( )


۸:         You will be hurt.

ױ۸:         You will be sorry.

, ! , հ 븦 Ű You will be sorry! ϸ ȴ.





Its raining cats & dogs.


Thanks   ->    Youre welcome.   ٰ .  Not at all.

You didnt have to do this.  ->  Dont worry about it. (Ű澲 .)


ƴ, ʵ Դϴ.    No, Its likewise.




: ̾ ~ؼ ȵǰڴµ. Im sorry, but~.

Ȯ : ϴ. I really dont think I can.



ϱ: ´ ƿ. I think youre right.

ϰϰ źϱ: Ͻô ˰ ~ I see your point, but ~



Ϲ û: ~ص ɱ? May I~?

Ǹ ûϱ: ~ص ڽϱ? Would it be okay if I~?


Ȯ ϱ

յ :  ؼ ~ ? How come~?

ϰ : ~ ֽðڽϱ? Can you tell me~?          (cf. May you tell me~? !)

ϰ ûϱ: ֽǷ? Can you explain that, please?

𸥴ٰ ϱ: ~ ؼ . I dont know anything about~.


ǰ ȯ

ǰ : ~ ؼ  ϼ? What do you think about~?

ǰ ϱ: ~ In my opinion~.

ٸ ǰ : . I dont care.   Ex. .



Ż翡 ȸ: ~߾ ϴ ǵ. I should have~.   Ex. I should have e-mailed you twice.

ȸ: ~ ȸ˴ϴ. I regret that I didnt ~.


, гϱ

Ϲ Ǹ: ~ Ǹ߽ϴ. Im disappointed that~.

ϱ: ¥! This is so frustrating!

ȭ: ~() ȭ ! Im angry at~!

ȣ: ü  ~ ! How could~!

          How could you do this.

          How could she do this to me.



Sure. Right. Certainly. Absolutely. Exactly.


You said it. Դϴ.

( time) I think so. ׷ մϴ.

Youre right. ½ϴ.

Of course. Դϴ.

It sounds proper. Ÿ ϴ.


I agree with you on that point. մϴ.

Oh, I agree entirely. , մϴ.


ǰ߿ ǥ

That may be right. ׷ ֽϴ.

You may (could) be right. . ( )

That may be true. .

That may well be. 翬 ϴ. ( X)


How would you like it? / How do you want it?

Im in the hot seat. ó׿.

I cant give you any firm promises. ϴ.


I am really wishy-washy. δ ̴.

I didnt mean to offend you. ϰ Ϸ ƴϾϴ. (= No offence)

Here you go again. ̱ (ܼҸ )

Snap out of it. .

          Snap: հ

          vs. : slap

Dont make a fuss. , ҹ .

Im stuck speechless. Ⱑ ´.

          cf. My arm is stuck. .

Thats a rip off! ٰ ̱!

          rip: ܴ.

          I got ripped off. ( ٰ .)


I know a thing or two. ȴ.

          I know a little.

          I know just a little.

          I know just a bit.

I dont get it. ذ ȵ.

May I ask you a faver? Ź ϳ ֽϴ.


ġ good & Ȳ

          ̰ ̾! What a surprise!

: ׷ . See you around.



1.     : ׷, ~? So, how was your~?  (ex. How was your trip to Canada?, how is your family?)

2.     ҽ : ~ ֱ ? Did you hear that~?

3.     ȣ ڱ: ~ߴ ¦ ! Guess what~!

, ϱ

1.     ǥϱ: ~( ) մϴ. Thank you for ~

2.     : õ. Youre welcome.

3.     ϱ: ~ؼ ˼ؿ. Im sorry ~.

4.     ϱ: ƿ. Thats all right.


1.     Īϱ: ~ . I like your~.

2.     λġ: ̷ ŵ Ǵµ. You didnt have to. (do this )


1.     : ~ Ƿ? Would you like ~ ? to go ski?

2.     ൿ : ~ غ ׷? Why dont you ~ ? dance.   (cf. Why didnt you? ߾?)


1.     ϱ: ƴ, ϴ. No. thank you.

2.     ൿ ϱ: Ұ ǰڳ׿. Id love to, but I cant.

³. ϱ

1.     ³: ص帮. Sure, I can do that.




Dear Dr. Sokoot MD

Maybe the e-mail didnt come through.

I did not receive / I have not received e-mail.

We shouldnt expect

I dont understand what you mean.

So, you should explain what you mean.


depending on ~.

competing power.


As for as I know ~.






[2009-06-14 GSLee 1/8]

English 1

Not that I know of ƴ (Ȯġ )


My pleasure

The pleasures mine.


Im looking forward to seeing you. ˰ ͽϴ.


Im in the hot seat [spotù漮 ɾ ִ Դϴ. óԴϴ.


I cant give you any firm promises. ȴٴ ϴ.


Thank you again for your interest in us. ٽ ѹ 帳ϴ.


Lets keep in touch. ϰ ô.

Be sure to keep in touch. ϰ ô.


I will. Ill e-mail or call you soon. ׷. ̸̳ ȭ ҰԿ.

Ill be be waiting. ٸ Կ.



The States

U. S.

U. S. A.

Unites States


Cf. North America: U. S. + Canada


Asia /eizia/



ݴ antonym


1.     Freshman

2.     Sophomore

3.     Junior

4.     Senior


? How is your business?

쿩 ̾. Ive had a bumpy start.

          [ݴ] smooth start.

, ô . Whew... this is extremely difficult.

. Dont be discouraged. Cheer up!

ϸ ? Even if I mess (it) up?

ص ƿ. Even if you fail. Its alright.

. Ƚ Ǵ±. Thats good to know.


generous: kind

general: common


(Im afraid) We must decline your generous offer, we are not yet ready to market in Asia.

          ƽþ غ Ͽ ͻ ģö Ǵ ؾ ϴ.

This is to follow up on the proposal I sent you in April.

          4 帰 ȼ Ͽ 帳ϴ.


A: Im sorry I missed you when I was in Busan last month.

          λ꿡 Դϴ.

          Im sorry I missed you when you were in Seoul last month.

B: Its no big deal. Well see each other soon.

          ƿ. ٵ.

A: Thats right. Lets get together sometime next month.

          ׷. ޿ ѹ .


A: Thank you.

B: Oh, its nothing.


Ϣ spoken language; colloquial speech [language]; colloquialism

written [literary] language; a literary expression [word]




[2009-06-20 GSLee 2/8]

ߴٴ ΰ?  Is it true Mr. Kim didnt get a promotion?

, װ ϴ ƿ. Yes. He seems to have lost courage because of it.

! ͵ ƴѵ. Cheer up! Its not the end of the world.


̹ ſ ߿. This job is import!!!ant.

˾Ҿ. ؾ ̳ . Okay. Just tell me what to do.

ڳ״ ϱ ſ . You blame every little thing on me.

. Dont (try to put the) blame on me.

          cf.     Im joking. Im kidding.

׳ ȮϷ ž. Just checking.

          Cf. Just Wondering (׳ ñؼ). Just making sure.


輱 ִ Ƽ? Do you know where Mr. Kim is?

ķ . No. I havent seen him since yesterday.

      since two months ago.

          for two months

          since last year

          since August (8)

          for a year

̼ Ŵٴ 츮 սô. Since Mr. Lee wont be able to come, why dont we start [go] without him?

ƿ. ׷ սô. Okay, lets do that.

          Lets do it.

          Lets do this. ( ǹ)


⿡ ݾƿ. You just (got off the plane).

        You just ate.

        (Ͼ) I just got up ( ). I just woke up ( Ͼ). I just got into bed. ( ħ뿡 ).

        I just saw her/him.

        I just got it. ( )




[2009-06-27  GSLee 3/8]



They will be late around 15 minutes.

They will be late 10 to 20 minutes.


ȸ ~

In advance of the meeting ~,

Before we begin the meeting ~,



If you dont mind ~

If it doesnt bother you ~

If you allow me ~


~ Ͽ

I will present on behalf of our partner.  

             Cf. dealer: ѱ 븮 dz ̱ ǹѴ.

          I will present substituting our partner.


< >

̰ մϴ.

This is negotiable.


ٰ .

Dont rip me off.


~ ޷ ִ.

Its up to you. ſ ޷ ִ.



adapt ϴ. (adaptive control)

adopt äϴ / Ծϴ, () ޾Ƶ̴

abduct ϴ




[2009-07-05  GSLee 4/8 (Half)]

: prime cost or original cost


: literary language,  written language


(̡ )Ǿ ִ: formed by, made of, built up (with).


Huge market potential


This is why ~


(keyword) occupies, concentrated in Seoul, huge amount of.


p. 164

 ϰ ?

What kind of contract terms do you consider?

What kind of contract terms are you thinking?

What kind of contract terms do you have in mind?


̷ ϰ ͽϴ.

I propose ~.

I recommend ~.

What I propose is this.


ȭ ̸ ؾ մϴ.

In international negotiations, cultural differences must be taken into account.


ſ ˰ ֽϴٸ ׷ ֽø ڽϴ.

I know its difficult, but Id appreciate it if you try.



޾Ƶ̽ö () ϰ ͽϴ.

I would (strongly) recommend that you take (Ǵ accept) my offer.


ǰ ؾ մϴ.

The price of that product must be lowered (decreased).


۱ ߽ϴ.

We havent received your remittance yet.



p. 190

ǰ̳ ͽϴ. I would like to hear your opinion or suggestion.

          cf. listen:

          cf. watch ( x) vs. see ( o)


ٸ ǰ ֽϱ? Is there anyone who have any other views on this subject?


ǰ߿  ϼ? What do you think about my opinion?


亯 ּ. Any feedbacks?


realistically vs. ǿ () practically.


׷ ô. ׷ ʴ ڴ.

Wed rather not.


Ͻʴϴٸ, װ ׷ ʽϴ.

You make it sound (so) easy, but its not (quite) that simple.

Its not as simple as you think.

Its not that simple.




[2009-07-11  GSLee 5/8 (Review)]

rain check

1a õ ȯ Ⱑ ִ ȸ ȿǥ

2 ( ߿ 䱸) [ʴ, ], ʴ

give[take] a rain check:  ߿ ٽ ʴϰڴٴ ϴ [ ϴ]


̱: 50 (Detroit ֿ -> -> Alaska -> Hawaii)

          line 13: ̱ 13 ַ

          Washington D. C. (District of Columbia): Ưַμ Ͽ Ƿ 50 ֿ ʴ´.

          Dependent Area (): 14. ǥ



        If it doesnt bother you, ~

        If it doesnt disturb you, ~

        If you allow me, ~


Through = via /via/


Thats a rip off.  /ri po f/


I cant give you firm promise.

I cant confirm you anything.


I have a good feeling about tomorrow.

I have a good feeling about this.

I have a good feeling about that presentation.



Can I keep going?

Can I continue?



Lets move on to, ~

Jump on to, ~


ȭ ٲ.

Lets change the subject.

ȭ ٲ㼭

Changing the subject.


Are you in or out? Ұ̴ϱ ̴ϱ?

          Im in.

          Im out this time.

          I think I will pass.


: Small talk.

          Stop small talking.

          Lets cut down the small talk and work.

          Talk s . .


        On time

        On Schedule


Ǿ (, )

          (Its) Delayed.

          It has been postponed.


~ ƴϰ.

          Dont tell me you changed your mind. ƴϰ?

        Dont tell me Im late. (ο) ʾ. = I cant believe Im late.




[2009-08-02  GSLee 6/8] & , ȭ & ǻ

Whos in charge of it? ڰ ?

Im working on it. óϰ ־.

Have you finished the report? ³?

Would you take a look at this paper? ֽǷ?

Theres no need to report. ʿ .

Its challenging work. ̿.

Thats up to you. װ ſ ޷ ־.

Sounds like a good idea. .

What made you think so? ׷ Ͻ?

Please approve his case. ̰ ּ. Could you approve this case.


The paper is jammed. ̰ ɷȾ.

        Traffic is jammed. ü̿.


You were supposed to call me back. ȭ ֱ ϼݾƿ.

Hes out of town. 尡̽ϴ.

Hes not in at the moment. ڸ Ŵ.

Try his cellphone. ޴ ȭ .

Ill call you after checking with my boss. ԰ ȭ 帱.

Do you want me to take your message? ޸ 帱? /޼ -/ ޿

        Cf. massage /ӽξ/ ƿ

Ill put you through to him. ȭ 帱.


I dont know jack about Excel. .

        ߸ ʴ I know jack about Excel. ´ ǥ???  [jack – Ӿ [ƹ͵] , ()]

Im sick and tired of spam emails. ܿ.



1.  ߴ

Have you źл? ~ ߴ? / ~ ô?

Have you met the partner? Ʈ ?

Have you eaten? Ծ?

Have you seen the movie? ȭ ô?

Have you talked to the boss? ̾߱ ô?

Have you thought about your future? 巡 ô?


2. ׷İ 

What made you ~? ׷ ~ ϴ?

What made you happy? ׷ ູ Ŵ?

What made you laugh? ׷ Ŵ?

What made you so late? ׷ Ŵ?

What made you say that? ׷ ϴ Ŵ?

What made you think so? What made you think like that? ׷ ϴ Ŵ?


3.  ǰ߿ ǰ

(That, It) sounds like ~. ~ . / ~ó 鸮µ.

(That, It) sounds like you. ʴٿ .

(That, It) sounds like a plan. .

(That, It) sounds like a blast. .

(That, It) sounds like a drag, sounds boring. .

(That, It) sounds like a pipe dream. Ȳ . < ǥ X>


That (is) so you. .

That so her. ׳ .

That so him. .

That so Mr. Kim. .


4. ʿ䰡 ٰ

(Theres) no need to ~. ~ ʿ .

(Theres) no need to rush. θ ʿ .

(Theres) no need to fear. η ʿ .

(Theres) no need to worry. ʿ .

(Theres) no need to feel down. ʿ .

(Theres) no need to argue (anymore). ( ̻) ʿ .


Situation 01

A: Have you finished the report? Its pretty urgent.

B: Im working on it. I think I can get it done by Friday.

A: I know its challenging work, but please hurry.

B: OK. Ill do my best.


Situation 02

A: Would you take a look at this paper? ֽðھ?

B: Ive already seen this. ̹ þ.

A: Do we need the bosss stamp of approval on it? ʿұ?

B: He loves the whole idea. Theres no need for a report now. ϰ 輼. ʿ .



1. Ģ̳

You were supposed to ~. ~ϱ ݾ.

You were supposed to wait there.

You were supposed to wait for me for about 15 minutes. 15 ٷ ֱ ݾ.

You were supposed to meet me here.

You were supposed to give me a ride. ¿ ֱ ݾ.

You were supposed to pick me up. ݾ.

You were supposed to finish the work. ġ ݾ.

You were supposed to save the money. ݾ.

You were supposed to meet at a café. ī信 ݾ.

You were supposed to transfer the money by this weekend. ̹ ۱ϱ ݾ.


2.  ָ

Do you want me to ~? ~ ٱ? / ~ ϱ⸦ ?

Do you want me to stay? ־ ٱ?

Do you want me to go away? ָ ٱ?

Do you want me to sing for you? 뷡 ҷ ٱ?

Do you want me to take your message? ٱ?

Do you want me to take you home? ٱ?

Do you want me to answer the phone? ȭ ޾ ٱ?

Do you want me to be quite? ٱ?

Do you want me to e-mail you? E-mail ٱ?

Do you want me to pay for coffee?

Do you want me to pay for dinner?


        For years //: °, °.

        for four // years: 4°


          ȭ: ring my bell, hit me up.


          message: ޼ - /޿ / ޽

          massage: ӻ //


        12 20: December 20th /twentyth, twentys/


Situation 01

A: I tried to call the sales representative, but hes not in at the moment.

B: Hes out of town. Try his cellphone.

A: I dont know his number. Can you tell it to me?

B: Yes. Ill send you the number by text message.


Situation 02

A: Im so busy today. Ive got tons of e-mails to respond to. ٻڳ! ̸ ̾.

B: Dont mention e-mails! Im sick and tired of spam e-mails. ̸ ֱ ! .

A: I know what you mean. // ˾.


          Dont mention it.

1.     reply for Thank you.

2.     ̾߱ .


3. 𸥴ٴ ͻ콺 Ϸ < ʴ´.>

I dont know jack about ~. ~ . / ~ .

I dont know jack about violins. ̿ø .

I dont know jack about driving. .

I dont know jack about cooking. .

I dont know jack about Spanish. ξ .

I dont know jack about computers. ĸ̾.


4. ų ¥

Im sick and tired of ~. ~ ܿ.

Im sick and tired of rain.

Im sick and tired of my work.

Im sick and tired of fast food.

Im sick and tired of being alone.

Im sick and tired of chasing him. ٴϴ ܿ

Im sick and tired of negotiation. ܿ.

Im sick and tired of whim // of her. ׳ ܿ.




[2009-08-08  GSLee 7/8]

Are you going to ?


ȭ: not cinema <> but movie


ɼϴ: good at


man to man relationship expression love, deep relationship ǥ ʴ´. ް 밡 ΰ Ѵ.




[2009-08-16  GSLee 8/8] Business Telephone English (p. 114) ٸ ȵȴ. ° Ѵ.

(ȭϽô ) ?

        Who is this?

        Whos that on the phone?

May I ask whos calling, please?

(׳) Դϴ.

This is he. This is him ǥ!

This is she. This is her ǥ.


ã? Who would you // like to speak to?

A ٲ ּ. May I speak to Mr. A?

̾. Hes just stepped out.


̾մϴٸ ȸ ̽ŵ.

Im sorry, he is in a meeting (right) now. : on ƴϴ.

Hes in a conference right now.


. May I help you with something?


޸ 帱? May I make a note?


ȭߴ Դϴ. I just called a minute ago.


ٸ Ǿ. Ive been waiting for a long time.


ٲ ֽðھ?

        Would you get him on the phone?

        Will you put him on the line?


ȭ Ǵٰ ϼ? Where did you say you were calling from?

        Im calling from CAD Impact.



        Ill put you through.

        Ill connect you with him.



        Hes just stepped out for lunch.


׺ ⸦ ׸μ̽ϴ.

        He no longer works here.

        He quit working here.

        He left this company.

        He resigned from this company.



        How soon do you expect him back?

        When do you think hell be back?

        How soon will he be back?


ø ȭ ϰ ּ.

        Would you have him call me back when he returns?


´ٴ ϱ?

          Didnt he mention anything about when hell return?


~ Ͽ (ǥϿ)

on behalf of (ǥϿ)

substituting (Ͽ)


ȭ ޱⰡ մϴ.

          Im busy at the moment.

                   Hes busy talking right now.

        Im not free at the moment.

        Its bad timing.

        I cant really talk right now.



        Hes talking to a client right now.

        Hes busy talking to a client.

        Hes busy talking to other client.

        Hes busy talking to another client.


״ ٸ а ֽϴ. ( ε.)

        He is with someone (else) right now.


״ ٺ.

        Hes extremely busy at the moment.

        Hes tied up right now.


״ ٸ ȭ ް ֽϴ.

          Hes on another line.


ڰ ƴմϴ.

        Im not the person handling the matter.

̽ ߽ϴ.

        Mr. Smith who takes care of that is absent today.


ٲ 帮ڽϴ.

        Let me get the manager, sir.


Ill give you a call.


׷, ȭϱ ?

        Then when is a good time for you?


ASAP As Soon As Possible.

RSVP (Ҿ) Repondez S'il Vous Plait, ٶϴ. ȸ ٶϴ.



        Are you listening?      Im listening.

        Are you with me?       Im with you.

        Are you still there?     Im still here.


ũ ֽðھ?

        Would you speak a little louder, please?

        Would you speak up (a little), please?

۰ ֽðھ?

        Would you quite down, please? cf. speak down ǥӿ !!!


õõ ֽðھ? õõ ɾ ֽðھ? õõ ðھ?

        Could (Can) you slow down, please?

ֽðھ? ɾ ֽðھ? ðھ?

        Could (Can) you speed up, please?


ð ȭ 帮ڽϴ.

        Ill call you in an hour.

ð Ŀ ȭ 帮ڽϴ.

        Ill call you after an hour.

        Ill call you an hour later.


״ ϰ ִ Դϴ.

        Hes in the middle of something.

          ~: Im in the middle of something.

                   Im in the middle of lunch, exercising, meeting.


Left out X -> Left


å óϰڽϴ.

        Ill make sure everything is all right.


ð ٽ ȭ 帱?

        May I call you at a convenient time?


What time (or When) is good for you? ð Դϱ?

What time (or When) is better for you? ð Դϱ?

What time (or When) is best for you? ð Դϱ?








Ͻ ŷ ǹ <Ͻ ࿵ ø>

                              price; cost

ϴ            quote; estimate; figure out

ű                set a price; mark a price

λϴ            raise the price

                prices go down

                prices go up

λ                        a rise in price

                        a reduction in price

                           price changes; price range

ǥ                           a price list; a price tag

ǥ                        declaration of value

ǥ                        a price mark

                           a temporary contract

                              processing; working

                           a processing fee


ǰ                           processed goods

                        an interim receipt

ñ      earliest shipping date

                        belt-tighting management

                              a decrease


                        item packaging




ٽ Ͻ ǥ <Ͻ ȸȭ>

a close shave                          

abrasive number                       µ

abrogation of agreement                         ı

account number                        ¹ȣ

achieve harmony                       ȭ ̷

achievement-oriented leadership           ǥ


ad hoc committee                      Ư ǿȸ

addictive-free food                     ÷ ǰ

advertising campaign                ȫȰ

affect [feign, fake] indifference  ôϴ

affluent society                                        dzο ȸ

affordable rate                          

aggregate demand                    Ѽ

allowed time (=break time)         ޽Ľð

alternative traffic pattern                          ü

ambiguous [vague] attitude      ȣ µ

amicable agreement                  ȣ

anachronistic thinking                ô

annual banquet                                      

annul an agreement                 ȿȭϴ

anonymous letter                       ͸

antitrust laws                            

appropriate extension               

strike a balance                 Ѵ






Cinema English


All in The Godfather (2005 5 13)

<God Father> 

2003 9 19() - 4

 2004 1 12() - 5 

2004 8 21 - 6

      : truce

      six hundred million: 6

      adjourn: ȸ(ȸ, ȸ)ϴ, ϴ.

miscarriage (ڿ) vs. abortion (ΰ)



avenge ϴ

revenge .




Thats out of question.


Military service.

Hospital service.


󸶳 Ǽ̾? How long have you been back? <The Godfather>

׵  ̾? How have you been since? <Heart to Heart>






<Gone with the wind 1>

I warn you. Ѵ.

If only .

I've got an idea. ִ.

That's a good idea. װ ̾.

It's nothing. Ƴ׿.

I don't believe it. .

I'm sure I don't understand. ̽ 𸣰ڽϴ.

Hold on and suck in. .

Do we have to? ؾ߸ ϳ?

Here is Scarlet. ı.

Who is there? ?

Happy? ?

So happy. ູؿ.

Just as I do now.

Who care? ˰ ~

That's right! Ǽ.

What are you meaning? ?

Don't you want to marry with me? ȥϰ ʾƿ?

Is the war started? ۵Ǿ?

I will do anything,

What did you say? ϼ?

You marry me, you wait for me?

The soon the better.

It's my pleasure to see you again.

Why do you care? .

What is it? ̾?

Glorious news. ҽ

Wait. .

You have broken something. 翡 ߷Ⱦµ.

Just a moment please.

You have mine, too. ͵ .

For profit. ؼ.

You must bid for her.

For whom, sir?

She will not consider about it, sir.

Oh, yes. I will. ϰھ.

How sweet, how kind. ģϰ ̾.

How do I look? ?

Let me do it. ϰھ.

Open your eyes, and look at me. ߰ ÿ.

Cheer up. .

He isn't there. ܿ .

Asule is safe. ؿ.

Look at them. ÿ.

Hold on. ű⼭.

I'm so happy you like it.

I promise you. Ͽ.

I've got a present for you, too.

You will promise, won't you? ְڿ?

You must be brave. 밨ؾ Ͽ.

When the war is over, Asule.


<Gone with the wind 2>

It's all right. ƿ.

I'll be back. ƿò.

I'd like to get out of here.

It can't be true.

If I should die, . ,

What is it? ?

What's that? ?

history moment. .

I'm not so proud. ׸ ڶ .

Maybe I ashamed of myself.

I'm leaving you here. ⼭ ڼ.

I want to say goodbye.

Don't hold me like that.

Let me alone.

Don't worry. ƿ.

It's all right! ϱ!

Let me in. 鿩ּ!

You needn't worry. ƿ.

God is my witness.

I'll never be hungry again.

What happened? ̾?


<Gone with the wind 3>

What shall we do? 츰 ¼ ?

..., Can't I? ... õ ڳ?

You (do) love me. ϰ ־!

Get out of the here. !

Get out of the way. !

Captured? ?

Excuse me. ˼մϴ.

That won't be enough. װɷδ ʾƿ.

What shall we do? 츰 ¼?

What are you afraid of? ̳?

Excape? ǿ?

I will do anything for you. ؼ ̵ ϰھ.

Take me away. ָ .

We will be back. ٽ ƿ.

Coward. .

: nanny.

Excuse me, gentlemen. Ƿմϴ. .

What's the problem. ̾?

Wouldn't come in? (ſ ǥ) .

I haven't forgotten. ʾҾ.

I dont know what do you mean by that? 𸣰ھ.

You must tell me, Miss ...: ... ð .

What do you mean? ?

You can't do that. ׷ .

I can't fight with both of you. س .

I don't care: Ű澲 ʾƿ.

No question, and no interference.

I'm going to make friends with Yankees. Ű͵ ģ Դϴ.

What a woman. ھ.

Wait. ٷ.

Don't worry about me. ƿ.

Youre almost scared. ̿ ȱ.

We know nothing. 츮 ƹ ͵ 𸣴 Դϴ.

I will do what I can. ֽẸڼ.

sewing. .

Oh. It is impossible. ̷ .

I remember nothing. ﳪ ʴ´.

You, stupid. ٺ. (cf. fool, ass, silly, idiot)

How can you do this to me?  ̷ ־?

I don't like to say before ladies. ε տ ̾߱ϰ ʼ.

as a gentleman? Żμ?

Which way? ̿?

You don't like me nanny. Ⱦϴ±.

Who is it? ?

So, I'm going to change subject. ׷ ȭ ٲپ ô.

I don't like your common joke. 峭 Ⱦ.

I don't like being marriage. ȥ Ȱ ̾.

Oh, yes. Partly. κδ ׷.

Mind your own business. ̳ Ű. .

It doesn't matter. .

You know I will. (Ź ϳ ֽǷ?)

Will you take me to Tara? Ÿ ֽðھ?


<Gone with the wind 4>





Try again. ٽ ѹ غ.

I got your message. ޾Ҽ.

I hope I don't have more children. ̻ Ʊ⸦ ʾƿ.

Never mind. ƿ.

What do you mean? ?

downtown. ó

Don't look back. Ÿ ȸ ƿ.

Who is it? ?

I won't go. .

Don't leave me. ƿ.

What a lovely dress, Miss. scalet. 巹 Ƹ䱺. ̽ Į

a glass of punch. ġ

You're drunken. ߱.

You, drunken fool. !

Not yet. !

I'm going to have a long trip in London. ȹ̿.

You will be discharged. ذ. / I do say so. ˰ڽϴ.

She is much better. ׳ ſ .

You must be patient. γ ־ ؿ.

Poor captain burtler. ҽ Ʋ .

Please, let me in. 鿩 ּ.

Look after my sons. ̵ .

I know you will get well. ſ.

Dream is always dream. ̱.

How does it matter? ƹ !

You're wrong. Terribly wrong. ƲȾ. ׷ ʾƿ.

Please, take me with you. .

After all, tomorrow is an another day. , ٸ ۵ ž.




medieval times: ߼ô

Wake up. Ͼ!

I'm asking you -.

None of us have earned. 츰 ƹ͵ ߾!

Any details? ٸ ?

Stands your ready? غƳ?

Remove your helmet! ۸ ÿ.

My load. ִ.


That dream can't be come true. ׷ ̷ .

       come true: ̷. ( Ǵ )

But if you can't, you come with me.

It's my turn. ʾ.

Be nice. .

Hold your tongue sir, or you will lose it. , ׷ Ҿ ;.

I can't believe it. .

Would you speak with me? ̾߱ ϽǷ?

Tell me your name. ̸ ˷ ּ.

Release him. ׸ Ǯ.

No work for free. ¥δ ȵſ.

Concentrate. !

Of course, accident can happen. ߻ .

It is my honor to introduce ... ... Ұ ־ Դϴ.

Today, you will find yourself equal.

I will be here for a week. ̰ Դϴ.

I can't explain. .

I can't breath. .

Let be here. ̸.

Someday I will be a knight. 簡 ž.

Noble victory. ¸

I present to you your champions.

How much do that cost to me?

Just take me to the Paris. ĸ ּ.

It's an another way.

You look fantastic. .

Places, places. ġ.

Are you all right? ?

Nice work! ߾.

Arma withdraw. Ƹ ٰ (ߴٰ) ϴµ.

And you also. ŵ .

Nothing. ƹ͵ ƴ.

You're just a city girl. Aret you? ҳ. ׷ ʾ?

Well done! ߾.

Better. .

I miss you. ;.

Very good. Wiliom. ſ .

Token. ¡.

I have a word. ־.

Confession. .

Speak to me. .

Your worst. ־

What do you mean (by that)? ?

What is your answer? ?

He loves me. ״ .

How long for? 󸶳 ?

You're afraid of me boy? ηƴ?

You just follow your feet. ߱ µ Ŷ.

At the first time. ó

Don't you think? ׷ ʾ?

I'm going to make her my wife.

That man is unbeatable. ״ ̱ .

I was also born in this cheap site. ¾ ܴ.

Just like the corner there.

Is someone there? ű ֳ?

Who are you?

What business are you here? Ϸ ̳?

I will fix it for you. .

Adma followed you last night. Ƶ帶 ߾.

luggage () , Ϲ cf. (ڸ) baggage

Hold. ٷ.

You speak what you do not know. 𸣴 Ϳ ؼ ̾߱ϰ ־.

I beg you. Ź̾.

I will not run. ž.

Let's end it together. Բ ڰ.

You are here to be arrested. ʴ üDZ ̰ Դ.

Listen to me. ÿ.

Release him. ׸ Ǯ.

Contestation. .

Rise. ϾŶ.

I can't breath. .

Such a place does not exist. ׷ ʾ.

Do as he said. װ .

lance: â

Look people. I missed my introduction.

Your father heard that.

He won. װ ̰.







I better go.

You have to focus.

You can make it.

It has already began.

You're two hours late.

It's her fault.

I know a lot about you.

How did you do that?

The answer is out there.

run out of time.

get out of there.

The other is in their custody.

Tell me, Mr. Anderson.

What are you talking about?

Take off your shirt.

You have to trust me.

Try and relax.(? below)

It's an honor to meet you. The honor is mine.

I can see it in your eyes.

Do you believe in fate? ϴ°?

Let me tell you why you're here.

You have to see it, for yourself.

All I'm offering is the truth. Nothing more.

What does that mean?

After this, there is no turning back. ̰ ķ ư .

between the dream world and the real world.

The answers are coming.

Follow me = Come with me

This can't be. ̰ ȵ.

I hope you're right.

Am I dead? Far from it.

atrophy /Ʈ/ 1. (); , 2. , ȭ (degeneration), 3.

Try to relax.

electrical signals interpreted by your brain.

all of the mankind was united in celebration

The matrix is a computer-generated dream world.

Let me out!

Easy Neo! easy!

Stay away from me. κ .

Breath! Just breath!

Get some rest. .

How about some more?

I can Kung Hu.

Show me. ֵ.

I know what you're trying to do.

I'm trying to free your mind, Neo. Ӱ Ϸ .

What if he makes it? װ Ѵٸ  Ǵ ?

But, what if he does?

What does that mean?

It doesn't mean anything.

The body cannot live without the mind.


Were you listening to me Neo?

Freeze it.

What are you telling me?

We got trouble. ߻

Sit her down over there.  ( ̴.)

Power off-line. !

Quite (cf. Silent) !

Can I ask you something?

That's exactly my point.

Come with me. .

You have to walk thought it. װ ʰ ɾ .

Almost done. ž.

How did you know?  ˾?

I'd better to have a look at you.

...will be up to you. ſ ޷ִ.

What did you just say? ?

What did you see? ?

Be calm. ħ.

You piece of shit.

Look out that window.

He's all that matters.

Take him.

I used to dream about you.

I'll be all right. ž.

How much time? ð 󸶳 ? (How long?)

We don't have any other choice.

We have no choice.

Continue as planned. ȹ .

I believe I can bring him back.

Do you know what it is? ˾?

Leave me with him. ׿ ȥ ְ .

Whatever you want to call it.

Backup. !

I think they're trying to save him.

There is no spoon.

Find them and destroy them.

I repeat. We are under attack.

Dodge this.

You moved like they do.

Not yet.


Let's go.

Get up.

He's not going to make it. (״ س )

Got one ready.

Everything has come true.

Everything but this.

He's beginning to believe.

They're not out yet.

Yor are empty.

So are you.

That is the sound of inevitability.

It is the sound of your death.

He is on the run.

How long? (How much time?)

Here they come.

He's going to make it. (״ س ־.)

Check him.

I'm not afraid any more.

You can't be dead.

I can feel you now.

You're afraid of me.

A world where anything is possible.



<Mulan: Pass>

* I can explain!

Were under attack. ħ̴.

Light the signal! ȣ !

Now, all of China know you're here.

No one can get through the Great Wall. 强 Ѵ Ұմϴ.

Can you help me with my chores today?

You will bring honor to us all.

How lucky can they be?

None of your excuses.

It's freezing. ߿

Hold this. ̰ ־.

You'll bring honor to us all.

Present. ֽϴ.

Speaking without permission.

Not good bearing good sons.

Put it out! .

What beautiful blossoms we have this year.

Stay inside.

I bring a proclamation from the imperial city.

I'll serve the Emperor in my father's place.

I am ready to serve the Emperor.

You dishonor me.

It can't be: ̷ , ̰ Ұ

You should't have to go.

Mulan is gone. ( ³?)

Watch over Mulan. Ķ Ѻ ֽʽÿ.

Vengeance will be mine.

--- Rests in yours claws.

Wait a minute. That's it.

I'm doomed.

Emperior scout. Դϴ.

Thanks a lot.

Where do I sign in? ؾ ?

I'm working on it. ϰ ִٰ!

I'm just nervous.

We clear on that? ̰ и ?

I don't think I can do this.

Say that to my face!

The greatest troop of all time.

He doesn't talk much about me.

I can see why.

[Birds twittering]

Am I rate?

You will assemble swiftly and ...

We've got a long way to go. ֱ.

Thank you for volunteering.

You're dismissed. ذ.

Let's get down to business.

You owe me big.

Urgent news from the General.

We're needed at the front.

A girl worth fighting for.

Search for survivals.

I don't understand. My father shouldn't have been here.

We're the only hope for the Emperior city.

Get out of range.

Save the cannons.

Prepare to fight.

It is three feet in front of you.

Step back.

He's wounded. ״ ƴ.

I did it to save my father.

Ultimate dishonor.

You know the law.

Restrain him.

My debt is repaid. Ҵ.

I promise. .

Make way for the heros of China.

Keep your eyes open.

To find someone who believe me.

No one will listen.

They will never reach the Emperor in time.

Guard the door.

Bow to me.

I tire of your arrogance.

You took away my victory.

Stand aside.

I've heard a great deal about you.

You have saved us all.

Dinner would be great.

Move out: ̵!   cf. Watch out: !

I'vd missed you so.

Dinner would be great.



<Shrek: Pass>

But, none have prevailed. ׷ ƹ ߽ϴ.

Owger is much more worse.

That's something. Really, really something. ߾.

That was really scared. .

Doesn't that bother you? ƹ ʾ?

Can I stay with you? ־ ɱ?

I'm outside. ۿ ־!

What are you doing in my house, in my swap, here?

Does anyone else? ٸ ?

That's enough. He's ready to talk. ׸. غ ϴ.

Where's the others? ٸ ־?

What are you waiting for? ٷ?

Bring it in! ! !

Don't tell him anything! ƹ ƿ!

Go on. ϼ.

You've chosen princess Piona.

It's quite. Too quiet. ϱ. ſ ϱ.

Let's do that again. ѹ .

Some of them may die. ״ ڵ ̴.

Where is everybody? ?

Let the tounement begin! ʸƮ .

Shall I give them order, sir? ?

I give you our champion.

Example? ?

You get it? ˰ھ?

Ougers are not like cake. Ŵ ũ ʴ.

Look out! !

Wake up! Ͼ!

Princess locked in power. ž

I will take care of Dragon. ó.

Hey! Over here. ! ̾!

Why not? ?

Your job is not my problem.

Hey, over here. . ~

I warn you. Ѵ.

Big stupid ugly Ogar.

Wake up. Ͼ.

How do you like egg? Ķ  ؿ?

savior: .

Calm down. .

Ok. What do you propose me to do?  ھ?

Nothing happened. ƹϵ

You name it. ϼ.

You're afraid of the dark. ϴ±.

Promise. !

Come back here. ̸!

She was talking about somebody else. ׳ ٸ Ͽ ̾߱ ̾.

Go on. ׷.

The Ouger is falling in love with princess.

It's disgusting. Ģ.

I do love, too. ؿ.

Are you all right? ƿ?


<AI-1: Pass>

Since the birth of science. .

Artificial being ΰ

Human response ΰ

Twenty months later. 20

I like the floor. ٴ .

after his grandfather Ҿƹ ̸

Of course I'm not sure. Ȯ .

Dress me. ּ.

Is this a game? ̰ ΰ?

I find you. ãҾ.

Look at me. .

Is fifty years (?) a long time? 50̶ ϱ?

What is it? ?

Stand up. Ͼ.

I don't remember. ȳ.

Let me see. ѹ ڲٳ.

Stop it. /sta pit/ ׸.

I'm not allowed. ʾҾ.

What shall I do? ؾ ?

Why did you do that? ׷ ?

I made this for you. .

Keep me safe. . ȣ.

Let me go. .

With Teddy? ׵?

Some place nice? ?

Listen. .

Listen to me. .

Have to go. .

Is this the first time? ó̾?

You deserve me. ڰ ־.

Hey Jo. What do you know? ̺ . ˰ ֳ?

Run. Ƣ (cf. Knight ȭ μ run Ͽ.)

Don't be afraid of, Davit. ̺, .

I will break. Davit. μ ž. ( break ڵ.)



I told her. ֱ .

Why is this happening? ̷ Ͼ?

Keep me safe. .

You are one of kind. ʴ Ư .

Why do you do that? ׷ ?

Stay back. . cf. keep out ÿ.

Destination? ?

fairy tale: ȭ

I'm the only one.

Wait. ٷ.

Be careful. .

This is not toy.

Meca restricted area. ī .

I'm waiting for you. ٸ ־.

the most remarkable of all.

Once upon a time.

What happened? ̾?

Make me real (boy). ¥ ּ.

It came true already. ̷ .


<Autumn in New York>





Are you too busy? ٺ?

So, may I ask you whose birthday?

Glad to see you. ݰ.

Who is this? (ȭ) ?

Guess who. () .

Great. .

You late. ʾ.

Alone? No. ȥڼ? Ⱦ.

Forget it. ؾ.

She was special. ׳ Ư߾.

Want something to drink? ?

Only by reputation. .

Who is that? (Ʊ ) ?

Lisa, somebody~ ~

So, really? ?

Is this enough? ?

This is inbright(?). ̰ ʾ.

He is here. װ Դ.

Ye, sure. (Ĭ) .

Time is fleet. .

She is sick. ׳ .

Are you ready? غǾ?

Have fun. ſ ð ~

I'm yours. .

Really? ?

Never mind. ص . Ű澲 .

So, what's your point? ׷ ?

Excuse me. Ƿ.

Guess who? ?

Let me give you a hint. Ʈ .

Hey, there you are. ű ־.

Woman hunter. ٶ.

Keep me (?) over (?). ⼭ ּ.

What about our love? ?

Come on, what's going on? ̺. ̾?

You're kidding me. ?

That's it. װž.

I don't care. .

She is waiting almost an hour. ѽð° ٸ ־.

It turns out to be pregnant. ӽϰ Ǿ......

Congratulation! It's great. .

Can I call you? ȭص ?

Would you mind leaving now, please? ֽǷ?

You're coward. !

Can you forgive me? 뼭 ְھ?

Get away from me! !

Just go! ׳ !

Please. .

I'm so tired. ƾ.

So many times.

Are you zealous? ؿ?

There is little we can do. Դϴ.

Because I can't lose her. ׳ฦ ĥ ϱ!

I want to help you. ְ ;.

What can I give you? ָ ?

I know, but he's one of the best. ״ ְ.

I don't want to leave you. Ű ʾƿ.

You know? ?

What were you doing in Ohio? ̿ ?

Whatever you want. ϴ .

Go back! Back! Go! ư!

Hold on. ٷ

Watch out. .

It's Grammi. (ȭ) ׷Դϴ.

What have I done to you?  Ѱ?

I don't believe it. ޸ ƿ.



<Final Fantasy (1 of 2): Pass>

I believe the dream hold the key.

This is the restricted area.

Do not move.

Behind you.

Over right there. ̾.

Let's go, people.

But I'm not leaving without the being form.

I got you.

You, OK?  (= Are you all right?)

You idiot, too. ŵ ٺ.

I don't care. Ű澲 ʾ.

That must be mistake.

We have to treat. Now. ġؾ ؿ.

How much more (?) time?

What's going on?

There is no time! ð !

Find it.

Come on.

It's all right.

Don't worry.

That won't be necessary. װ ʿ.

Are you all right? ?

What is this?

Go on~ ~

You mean the Gaia?

You mean the Spiritual?

I mean ~

This is truth.

Even if the Gaia exist, ~

Don't you agree?


Members of Counsel. ȸ .

Could you explain why? ֽ ֽϱ?

And what exactly does that mean? ׷ Ȯ ϴ ̴ϱ?

You probably get board.

Around the world


There is an evidence.

You don't understand yet.

Where is the proof?

All right. Let's move out, people. . .

Hard to say.

How do you explain?

What are you doing? Oh, I see.

Are you all right? Of course I am.

Don't look at me. This is a his idea.

You don't understand, yet. ظ ϰ ־.

Just do it! ׳ !

We have no choice to do, but to relieve your command. .

Get the solder's pack.

Are you all right? ?

Of course I am.

Everyone. Now.

I'd love to... ...ϴ .

Just do it! ׳ !

Research materials. ڷ.

I don't understand. You don't have to understand.

Arch. Where are we? 츮 ִ ?

What's happening to me?

Not at us. 츮 Ƴ.

It is over. .

Can you hear me? ?

Nobody move. You're all under arrest. . Ǿ.

That's why I trust you.

You know what must be done.

Relax, major. ǮԳ.

Incredible speed. û ӵ.

That's impossible.

Hold your fire. ߻ .

What have I done? /wa he bai don?/ ?

(?) Proceed to the nearby

What's happening?

Behind you! ڿ!

Look out! !

OK. Now what? . ¼?

It's the only way. ̱ ۿ .

Hang on everybody. ƿ.


<Final Fantasy (2 of 2): Pass>

Gray, be careful.

You too.

You got it.

We have a problem. ֽϴ.

Do it! !

I'm trying to concentrate.

Almost there. ƽϴ.

Now. Get out of here.

fuel .

It's too dangerous. ſ !

No problem here, captain.

Over here, son of the bitch. ̴. .

Gray. Do you read me? ?

What's happening? ?

We have no choice. ¿ .

Without accident .

Reconsider. ϴ.

It's her. ׳౺.

We're contacting in thirty seconds. 30 Ŀ Դϴ.

What was that? ̿?

The 8th spirit has been destroyed. 8° ȥ ıǾ.

This mission is over.

Emergency lending

What is that? ?

Hold on. .

Can you hear me? ?

I need to talk to the station.

Incoming message.